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General Modem Information
Setting Modem String 
RMC Customer Support 
Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8/33.6/56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks) 
Mountain Solutions Internet Online Support - Modem Configuration 
Modem Trouble Shooting 
Modem Commands (extra settings) 
Modem ATI's 
Data Communications Information 
Index of Known Modems 

Ask Mr. Modem
Initialisation Strings
Additional Modem Initialization Strings 
Index of Known Modems 
Indiana Modem Info - Search 
Internet Technology Services Init Strings 
Jays Initialization Strings 
Mac Modems 
Modem Init Strings 
Modem strings for Winsock Dial up 
Oracle Init String Lookup 
PNN Modem Settings 
Rock Island Internet - Modem Initialization Strings 
Shiva's Init String Database 

VICNET Help Sheet 5: Modems and Initialisation Strings
AT Command Sets
Generic Hayes Commands 
More Hayes Commands 

Supra AT Command List

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